Development Team-Request for Proposals

Clackamas County-January 2020

ROSE Plans to develop two additional multi-family projects in Portland and Clackamas. We will be applying for funds in Q1 of 2020 with the goal to close on construction financing in the same year. A separate RFP will be released for architecture services on the Portland site.

What should the fee be for?
First question received was to clarify that the proposed bid/fee is only to get the project to a stage where we can get a good estimate on pricing from our contractor partner. The proposed fee for the full project can be delivered later, but before we submit our funding applications. Any information on the future costs of services will need to fit within OHCS’s or funder expectations.
The fee should not be hourly, but an all-in fee to provide a few studies of the site to establish best fit, floor plans to estimate framing and structural costs, simple elevations showing floor height, the general type of roof and truss construction and the building’s exterior envelope with desired materials. We will need to describe the planned square footage of each unit type to our funders. Any clarification on pricing for the final project is helpful but not required.

What level of design or due diligence is available now?
There has only been a preliminary “fit” and an early assistance meeting with Clackamas County. We know we can fit the 64 units on the site with the affordability density bonus but how they fit on the site will need to be investigated in partnership with the contractor and informed by preliminary pricing.

Who is on the team?
We don’t need a list of subcontractors or their qualifications, just people at your firm that are going to work on the preliminary design and pricing set. If this team will change for the final project please clarify who will stay with the project and who may be new.

Made for You & Me: Woody Guthrie Place Celebration & Fundraiser

Join ROSE for a fun night in celebration of Woody Guthrie Place Apartments grand opening, as well as help support a great cause. Woody Guthrie Place is ROSE’s first mixed-income apartments featuring 64 homes, a rooftop terrace, community room, outdoor play space, car and bike parking, LEED Gold Certification, and solar rooftop and electric car charging stations. Located in the Lents Town Center, new families will have access to parks, restaurants, and other amenities.

We will be celebrating on the 3rd floor of the new Asian Health and Service Center with a great view of Woody Guthrie Place. Tickets on sale now for the June 20th event! Live music, great food, Wild Roots Spirits bar with specialty cocktails!

Get your ticket today!

Want to support ROSE’s mission in a big way? Sponsorships are still available! Contact Jami LeBaron at for more information.

Date: Thursday, June 20th
Time: 5:30pm
Location: Asian Health & Service Center
9035 SE Foster Road
Portland, Oregon 97266

Equity Statement

ROSE Community Development is committed to equity,diversity, and inclusion. To ROSE, equity means creating conditions that enable everyone to reach their full potential. We strive to make equity part of our everyday operations and embed it within our mission of connecting our community to build good homes, healthy families, and neighborhood opportunities.  In order to advance equity, we must engage under-represented communities as we make decisions and take action, while understanding history and considering how bias and oppression impact individuals, institutions, and systems.   

Since ROSE organized in the early 1990s, our neighborhoods have evolved, becoming more racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse. Outer southeast Portland has been and continues to be home to immigrant and lower income communities who experience some of the greatest burdens of racism.

Racism and housing are linked throughout U.S. history. Racial discrimination led to redlining, which deprived people of color access to housing and wealth creation. Other public policies, like urban renewal, pushed out thousands from their homes. Discrimination persists despite passage of fair housing laws decades ago.

ROSE must continue to evolve, so that the organization’s people and actions reflect the ideals of community-led neighborhood revitalization. With that in mind, ROSE commits to addressing the root causes of disparities and displacement faced by our most marginalized and vulnerable communities by:

  • Engaging under-represented communities and seeking input directly from the communities we serve
  • Promoting a culture that de-centers whiteness, celebrates difference, enhances equitable communication, and nurtures relationship building
  • Centering ROSE’s vision, leadership, and strategy around advancing and engaging in equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Ensuring that internal policies and practices impacting employment cultivate leadership and career development opportunities for staff
  • Building strong community partnerships that promote equitable public policies
  • Operating and building equitable affordable housing that reduces further displacement

ROSE pledges to track the outcomes from our organizational Equity Plan and publicly report on our progress. We are invested in this process and recognize that it will be an ongoing journey. We acknowledge that many forms of discrimination and oppression exist and we will work to strengthen our community to advance equity, inclusion and diversity.