ROSE has given me and my family the ability to have a home, programs for kids, and education. I feel blessed and thankful for all these things that I never thought I could have.

– Elsa | ROSE resident, mother, community chef

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We offer well-constructed, well-managed homes at rents that fit within a family’s budget. Homes are a place of connection and refuge. More.

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Neighborhood Solutions

ROSE was created by neighborhood leaders, and has a history of grassroots organizing and advocacy. We are rooted in the southeast Portland community. More

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One of ROSE’s core strengths is our ability to bring together community partners under a shared vision to create vibrant and flourishing communities. More.

Affordable Housing

There is an affordable housing shortage in Portland. Rising rents have outpaced incomes, creating economic instability for thousands of families. Families with the lowest incomes are affected the most by the affordable housing shortage. More.

Housing FAQ

Do you have questions about getting housing in Southeast Portland? Frequently asked questions are answered here. More.

Permanently Affordable

With families in mind, there are on-site amenities such as playgrounds, gardens and community rooms at many of our properties. We are not emergency or transitional housing, we help families for the long term. More.


Learn more about how to get on our housing waitlists and which properties have availability. More.

Emergency Loan Fund

We offer zero-interest loans for ROSE families in a tight spot. Learn how you can support family resiliency. More.