Reporting back on our spring fundraising campaign

Building Community

During the month of May, we invited members of our community to support building an indoor community space at Country Squire Apartments. Residents there identified a need for a place where kids could do homework, adults could meet for classes, and families could share meals.

The Country Squire Community Room Project is moving forward!

We’re pleased to report that this project is now moving forward thanks to the generosity of our community. Thanks to the 69 donors who answered our call to contribute, we will transform an existing bare laundry room into a warm and vibrant community space this summer.

In one month, we raised a total of $19,128. The largest gift we received was $3,000 and the smallest was $3 and we appreciated and will put to good use every single one.

We plan to begin construction in September. In the meantime, we’ll include updates on our progress in our email newsletters and on social media.

We are excited to begin this project and we are inspired by the generosity of our community. Thank you to all who donated and helped spread the word about our May fundraising campaign.

Special thanks to our lead sponsor, Quantum Residential, and to the many other generous partners on the Country Squire Community Room project!

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