• Two decades, one vision

    ROSE builds better outer Southeast Portland neighborhoods by developing good homes and economic opportunities.

    ROSE Community Development is dedicated to Revitalizing Outer SouthEast Portland neighborhoods, through the development of good homes & economic opportunities.We are rooted in the belief that affordable housing gives people the opportunity to build better lives. But since our first project — rehabilitating a single house in Lents for a low-income family in 1992 — our work to revitalize our community has extended far beyond housing. We are improving economic conditions in our neighborhoods and giving people the tools and the support they need to improve their lives.

    Want to buy a home in East Portland?

    The 2nd Annual East Portland Housing & Resource Festival

    Saturday, August 8th, 12 Noon – 7 PM.

    Lents Park (92nd & Holgate)

    Brought to you by the Pleasant Valley Neighborhood Association and the African American Alliance for Homeownership, this event will include: 

    A “Homes for Sale” Bus Tour

    Local Talent Show

    Resources for new home buyers, renters, and existing homeowners

    Live Music & Entertainment

    Kids area with face painting, puppet show and other activities

    Open and FREE to the Public

    The sign up for the popular free bus tour that visits homes with a local realtor who will offer home buying tips takes place at 12:30pm.

    For additional information, to sign up for the talent show, or to register as a vendor call 503-595-3517, ext. 301

    Help keep free food deliveries on the road in Southeast Portland

    Did you know that for many years, ROSE has partnered with a small church called Great Day Fellowship, who give an incredible gift to our community.  Through a partnership with the Oregon Food Bank, and local grocery stores, the Food Truck redistributes over 11,500 lbs of  high quality perishable food per month to ROSE families. The Food Truck plays the critical role of picking up and transporting weekly perishable and non-perishable donations to take directly to ROSE CDC housing, the Clackamas Service Center, and use as emergency food boxes.

    Now is our time to STEP UP! After more than 200,000 miles, the truck has broken. We owe a great amount of thanks to Great Day Fellowship and Pastor Don for all they give to our community. So ROSE decided to help Great Day Fellowship, a church of just around 25 members, launch a crowdfunding campaign (with great perks for donors!) to raise $10k to buy a gently used Food Truck to replace their broken one. Your donation, however large or small, will help buy a replacement truck to transport thousands of pounds of food directly to families in need for years to come!

    We encourage you to give to this campaign if you can. We also ask that you share the campaign to your social media networks, friends, family, etc. These campaigns work best when we cast a wide net for any donation amount. Find the campaign linked below:


    Thank you for your support!

    Welcome Home for more affordable housing

    ROSE enthusiastically supports Welcome Home, a new coalition working together to create new resources for affordable housing in Portland. Providing good homes has always been central to ROSE’s mission. I was reminded why at a recent meeting of the Earl Boyles Early Learning Center. Led by the Children’s Institute, a group of parents, educators and community organizations just opened a new wing dedicated to preparing children to succeed in school. As part of that effort school parents were surveyed about the greatest challenges they face. I was not surprised that affordable housing was number one on the list.

    Parents spoke about high and rapidly increasing rents and the difficulty finding rental housing suitable for families. One parent said, “We need more affordable rentals.” Others commented that “more affordable housing is needed, with more rooms so that not so many people have to live under one roof.” Earl Boyles faculty members have seen higher income families moving into the neighborhood to take advantage of the new full-day preschool program, displacing low-income families.

    I have been at ROSE for 22 years and I’ve never seen greater demand for affordable housing. Until the last year or so, we have been able to place people into apartments within a few months. Now our waiting lists are closed. Affordable housing resources are tight. The Portland Housing Bureau expects to devote half as much money to affordable housing over the next five years as they did the previous five. 2014 was the first time in seven years that ROSE was unable to open a new housing development.

    You can help families like the ones at Earl Boyles. Check out  www.welcomehomecoalition.org  and join our campaign to build more affordable housing throughout the metro region.

    – Nick Sauvie, Executive Director