Que Diablos Tattoo

9004 SE Woodstock Blvd Suite B, Portland OR 97266

(503) 946-8391

  • Tell us your name, the name of your business and what you have to offer?
    • My name is Diego Erasmo Cedillo Espana. My business is Que Diablos Tattoo. We offer a variety of tattoos.

    When did you start your business? 

    • I started my business September of 2020.

    What sacrifices did you have to make?

    • I sacrificed working two jobs for several years. Working from sunup to sun down, blood sweat, and tears. Jeopardizing my love life as well as my home life.

    How has the pandemic affected you and your business? 

    • The pandemic has caused me to delay the opening of my business and make my supplies much more expensive than they would have been usually. As for the business we have stayed busy. Everyone wants their end of the world tattoos.

    What are the things that make you happy at work? 

    • I own the business so it makes me happy that I make my own hours and quite frankly do whatever I want. 

    What has been the most challenging part of owning your own business?

    • The most challenging part about owning a business is trying to balance my work and home life. 

    Can you tell us about your family? 

    • My family came from Guatemala in the late 80’s as permanent residents and we resided in Salt Lake City, Utah. I come from a big family and I am the second oldest. 

    A message you would like to share with teenagers? 

    • “Don’t grow older so young.”

    A message you would like to share in the Lents neighborhood?

    • “Stop by and say hi. I am always a welcoming person.”