El Pato Feliz Jr.

5824 SE 92nd Ave, Portland OR 97266

(503) 772-1037

  • Tell us your name, the name of your business and what you offer?
    • My name is Guillermina Leon, I am the owner of “El Pato Feliz Jr. Restaurant”. 

    When and how did you start your business?

    • I started my business in 2003. 

    What sacrifices have you had to make along the way?

    • It was hard to get started. 18 years of working, highs and lows. Thank God and the support of this beautiful community we’ve managed to continue moving forward. 

    How has the pandemic affected you and your business?

    • This pandemic impacted me and my family a lot. To the point of wanting to close the restaurant, but my strength is great and thanks to God that was there for us when we most needed it. 

    What are the things that make you happy while working?

    • I love my job, I love everything I do. I do everything with a lot of love. I’m happy to see this community when they enjoy the delicious dishes from my restaurant. 

    What has been the most challenging part about owning a business?

    • I know it’s not easy because of tiredness, stress, staying up late and lots of work but I love what I do, and I’m happy. My passion is my work. 

    Can you tell us about your family?

    • My family is from Cuernavaca, Morelos. All my family lives there and it’s a really beautiful place. 

    What do you enjoy about our community?

    • What I love most about my community are the parks, rivers, and everything that has to do with nature. I love nature.

    Message for community

    • “It’s important to keep moving forward, don’t give up. We have to be united because it makes us stronger. We have to keep fighting and be strong during this time that has been hard for everyone.”

    Full message of photo

    • “Thank you so much to the beautiful community for their support they’ve given me to help my small business El Pato Feliz Jr. With your support I’ve been able to continue working hard to bring you better service and bring you the best of me. God bless this marvelous and beautiful community. It’s a pleasure to continue at your service. I’m always here to serve you, thank you.”