East Portland Safe and Friendly Streets Pilot Project

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Thanks to one time funding from Rep. Khanh Pham (Oregon-House District 46) we will focus on safe and friendly streets around neighborhood schools in her district.

ROSE will be working with the community to identify areas that feel unsafe, and take action to improve these areas through small but effective ideas that students, families, and community identify and organize to make happen.

Fill out this survey, invite us to meet with your class or neighbor group!


Phase 1 Pilot Project begins Spring 2022 and will run through the Fall of 2022, with a second round planned for 2023.

Spring: Outreach to Neighbors and Identify Areas of Concerns

Summer: Ongoing Outreach and Plan Street Safety Improvement Projects
Fall: Project Building Parties with Neighbors


Ana Meza at ROSE CDC (ana@rosecdc.org) & Amy Dudley in Rep Khanh Pham’s Office (amy@khanhphamfororegon.com)