Club RC

Christian soccer
team cheer
A ROSE CDC Soccer Academy for Spanish-speaking families

Club RC provides the opportunity for Latino youth to be involved in healthy recreation and empowers parents to create a healthier community together. Part of Club RC included a workshop series in the spring of 2015, where parents participated in weekly community education workshops, led by different partners. Club RC is led by a committee of ROSE CDC residents and neighborhood parent volunteer coaches.

As youth from our planning committee wrote in a paper titled “Why we need to get a grant” (by Adrian and Mario): “The reason we are making a soccer club is because the kids in our neighborhood aren’t being as active as they are supposed to be. Most of them are inside watching TV, on their phone, on their electronics, and on their computer. If they aren’t being active they could get heart problems, lung problems, obesity, breathing problems, and won’t be able to run as fast. If they were more active they would be able to dodge those problems and would be more stronger, fit, healthier, run faster, and lose weight.”

Thanks to the East Portland Action Plan for supporting Club RC, which was awarded a 2015 Civic Engagement Grant!

Thanks to all the partners that are giving their time to Club RC- Kelly SUN Community School, Latino Network, Portland Community College, Hacienda CDC, Multnomah County Health Department, Community Alliance of Tenants, Yarosh/Valdez Immigration Attorneys, El Programa Hispano, Zenger Farms and Timber Tix for Kids.

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