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A senior housing advocate finds a permanently affordable home at Lents Village

“My first renter advocacy project was when I was living at the Roosevelt, a Section 8 building that saw triple rent increases due to the sale of a property. My advocacy work helped change the HUD rules.”

Marih became an active member of Community Alliance of Tenants, Portland Tenants United, and Tenants Priced Out Working Group in order to be part of the solution to Portland’s housing crisis. She has helped with organizing, campaigning, interventions for displaced residents and neighbors in homeless camps.

Marih had been displaced five times before moving to Lents Village, a ROSE property in the Lents neighborhood for people 55 and better. Before she moved to Lents Village, she was facing homelessness due to a $300 a month rent increase at her home in Milwaukie. “Living as a disabled senior, moving is extremely disruptive,” Marih says.

Marih appreciates the stability she’s found at Lents Village, and is happy to be relieved of extreme rent increases. Her neighborhood has community gardens, shopping support services, and a Meals on Wheels dining room catering lunches during the week.

Marih continues to be a champion for addressing root causes of displacement, homelessness, and community destabilization.

Lents Village

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