Repulsing the Monkey: A Play on Gentrification

Last night was the opening night for Repulsing the Monkey: A Play on Gentrification. Written by Michael Eichler, directed by Jami Rea, and produced by Passin’ Art: A Theatre Company, this partnership with ROSE Community Development seeks to open new dialogue around the complexities surrounding gentrification in a working class neighborhood. There are 5 more shows to go, May 22nd, 23rd & May 28th, 29th, and 30th. The closing night will host a community forum discussion directly following the play. Complimentary refreshments included.

To get your ticket (on a sliding scale of $5-15) visit All performances begin at 7pm at the Team Event Center on the corner of SE 92nd & Foster Blvd.

Special thanks to Meyer Memorial Trust, REACH Community Development, Sabin Community Development, Northwest Housing Alternatives and Innovative Housing Inc. for their sponsorship and support of this project!

We have some incredible supporters!

Affordable housing and community development can be tough work. ROSE Community Development operates with a small staff of 10 and works tirelessly to build and operate safe and affordable homes for families in outer southeast Portland. There is so much work that goes into making things run smoothly (and getting over hurdles when they aren’t running smoothly) and it simply wouldn’t be possible to do this work without incredible partners. On Thursday, May 17th 2018, we will be celebrating the community building efforts ROSE, all the fun programming you’ve seen-everything from gardening, cooking classes, summer camps, music workshops, field trips and the Lents Youth Initiative, but all of this work would simply be impossible without the support from our sponsors and community partners.
While a thank you to these partners barely nicks the tip of the iceberg, we’d like give our sincerest thanks to the sponsors of this year’s annual fundraiser. With their support, we are able to continue building affordable housing and running engaging and innovative programs for our residents.

JPMorgan Chase & Company has been a long-time supporter of ROSE CDC. They have been instrumental and reliable in supporting our annual events, and we are so grateful. They have been a top sponsor year after year.

WALSH Construction Company has also been an essential business partner to ROSE. Walsh is working with ROSE to construct our two newest housing projects-the Jade and the Woody Guthrie, which will add a combined 112 new homes to outer southeast. We are so grateful to have their expertise and dedication to quality for these new projects.

SERA Architects has created a beautiful design for the Jade project-incorporating sustainability features and giving the building a sleek and welcoming feel. They have helped make the building solar-ready and excel in community interaction and involvement along the design process.

Carleton Hart Architecture was our designer for the Woody Guthrie project. As ROSE’s first mixed-income housing project, they created a design that will serve the broader community. They were instrumental in helping ROSE get through our first HUD funding loan. In the winter of 2017 they dedicated their employee giving program towards ROSE, helping our Resident Services Team provide toys and family portraits to 20 families including 70 kids. They are the recipient of our 2018 Outstanding Business Partner Award.

Additionally, we would love to say thank you to Charter Construction, O’Neill Construction Co., Health Share of Oregon, Network for Affordable Housing, Coin Meter, Brett Schulz Architects, Kaiser Permanente, CareOregon, Bateman Siedel, Cascade Management, Housing Development Center, Humber Design Group and Beneficial State Bank for supporting ROSE.

Our $500 Rose Hip sponsors this year were Point Monitor, Winkel CPA, Portland Housing Bureau, OnPoint Community Credit Union, Alder Geotechnical Services, Home Forward, Ball Janik, and Metro. Every dollar of support contributes to our ability to build more housing and operate more programs for residents, and we are continually humbled by their ongoing support.