Equity Statement

ROSE Community Development is committed to equity,diversity, and inclusion. To ROSE, equity means creating conditions that enable everyone to reach their full potential. We strive to make equity part of our everyday operations and embed it within our mission of connecting our community to build good homes, healthy families, and neighborhood opportunities.  In order to advance equity, we must engage under-represented communities as we make decisions and take action, while understanding history and considering how bias and oppression impact individuals, institutions, and systems.   

Since ROSE organized in the early 1990s, our neighborhoods have evolved, becoming more racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse. Outer southeast Portland has been and continues to be home to immigrant and lower income communities who experience some of the greatest burdens of racism.

Racism and housing are linked throughout U.S. history. Racial discrimination led to redlining, which deprived people of color access to housing and wealth creation. Other public policies, like urban renewal, pushed out thousands from their homes. Discrimination persists despite passage of fair housing laws decades ago.

ROSE must continue to evolve, so that the organization’s people and actions reflect the ideals of community-led neighborhood revitalization. With that in mind, ROSE commits to addressing the root causes of disparities and displacement faced by our most marginalized and vulnerable communities by:

  • Engaging under-represented communities and seeking input directly from the communities we serve
  • Promoting a culture that de-centers whiteness, celebrates difference, enhances equitable communication, and nurtures relationship building
  • Centering ROSE’s vision, leadership, and strategy around advancing and engaging in equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Ensuring that internal policies and practices impacting employment cultivate leadership and career development opportunities for staff
  • Building strong community partnerships that promote equitable public policies
  • Operating and building equitable affordable housing that reduces further displacement

ROSE pledges to track the outcomes from our organizational Equity Plan and publicly report on our progress. We are invested in this process and recognize that it will be an ongoing journey. We acknowledge that many forms of discrimination and oppression exist and we will work to strengthen our community to advance equity, inclusion and diversity.

2018 Lents Youth Initiative

This year was an impressive one for the Lents Youth Initiative. This summer the program hosted 19 interns that produced incredible outcomes for the southeast community. The 19 interns that interned served 1,780 hours of community service, serving over 200 children, engaged 220 volunteers, cared for over 280 plants and trees, harvested over 500 pounds of low-cost food and developed their skills as leaders in their neighborhood. It’s more than impressive to watch the impact the youth in LYI have in their community when they are supported and given the chance and space to get involved.

Learn more about the Lents Youth Initiative in this video made by the interns and ROSE staff. If you like what you see and believe this program has value, consider making a donation to help sustain it.

A HUGE thank you to the organizations that invested the time, energy and resources to support the youth and the program this year: Forth, Leach Botanical Gardens, Green Lents, Zenger Farm, Friends of Trees, Johnson Creek Watershed, Portland State University, and the Resident Services Coordinators at ROSE.

Thank you to the 2018 funders: Spirit Mountain Community Fund, the Community Watershed Stewardship Program, Metro Nature in Neighborhoods, Juan Young Trust, Communicare at Metropolitan Learning Center and the East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District.

Jade Project Gets a New Name: The Orchards of 82nd

The Jade Project has officially been renamed The Orchards of 82nd. The Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO) board voted unanimously to approve this name, which is a reflection of the history of the area. Prior to WWII many Asian American families owned orchards and farm space in the Montavilla area. Tragically, the Japanese internment during the war resulted in these families losing their land and assets. There will be opportunities for murals and trees in the public plaza and resident courtyard to reflect the multicultural and historical components of the area. The Orchards of 82nd is a mixed-use shared space of 48 fully affordable homes and the APANO headquarters. 

Alyshia Macaysa, Baby Booster Project Manager, and Mina Mahdian, Resident Services Coordinator, stand in front of what will become the resident community space for ROSE which will host free afterschool programming, Baby Booster partner meetings, family and resident support events and more.

Construction by O’Neill Walsh Community Builders is underway and expected to be complete in January, 2019.