• LYI 2017 Members

2017 was filled with lots of fun activities. Our partners at Oregon Walks were in charge of the event planning and coordination for the Lents Founders’ Fair. Our events included cotton candy, cultural food, a mural, and homemade root beer floats. We were also able to attend Lents Green Ring focus group by PSU Professor Amy Lubitow. ROSE had a Pickles game BBQ in which we offered fun activities for kids. We were also able to help at the Kelly Elementary native garden and attend the Oregon Just Transition Alliance summit.

This year we also partnered with The Intertwine Alliance and their Daycation project. This allowed us to create a special partnership with Momentum Alliance, Urban Nature Partners PDX, Blueprint Foundation, Boys and Girls Club of Portland and OPAL’s Youth Environmental Justice Alliance (YEJA).

Summer 2017 Internship Outcomes:

  • Over 1,550 hours of service by 18 interns
  • Served 1275 community members
  • Engaged 46 internship site partners
  • Created 14 new materials that will be used by partner organizations
  •  Cared for over 7,300 plants