Clackamas County-January 2020

ROSE Plans to develop two additional multi-family projects in Portland and Clackamas. We will be applying for funds in Q1 of 2020 with the goal to close on construction financing in the same year. A separate RFP will be released for architecture services on the Portland site.

What should the fee be for?
First question received was to clarify that the proposed bid/fee is only to get the project to a stage where we can get a good estimate on pricing from our contractor partner. The proposed fee for the full project can be delivered later, but before we submit our funding applications. Any information on the future costs of services will need to fit within OHCS’s or funder expectations.
The fee should not be hourly, but an all-in fee to provide a few studies of the site to establish best fit, floor plans to estimate framing and structural costs, simple elevations showing floor height, the general type of roof and truss construction and the building’s exterior envelope with desired materials. We will need to describe the planned square footage of each unit type to our funders. Any clarification on pricing for the final project is helpful but not required.

What level of design or due diligence is available now?
There has only been a preliminary “fit” and an early assistance meeting with Clackamas County. We know we can fit the 64 units on the site with the affordability density bonus but how they fit on the site will need to be investigated in partnership with the contractor and informed by preliminary pricing.

Who is on the team?
We don’t need a list of subcontractors or their qualifications, just people at your firm that are going to work on the preliminary design and pricing set. If this team will change for the final project please clarify who will stay with the project and who may be new.

Development Team-Request for Proposals