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Current Apartment Waitlist Status (Updated 3/6/20):

  • Bellrose Station, Marla Manor, Jim and Salle’s Place, and Orchards of 82nd waitlists are all closed.
  • Greenview Terrace, Firland, Leander Court, Lents Village, Beyer Court, Country Squire, Johnson Creek Commons, and Lents 2000 (Reedway Place, Marysville, 93rd Avenue, and Woodmere Commons) waitlists are open. You can find printable applications here.
  • Woody Guthrie Place (mixed-income property) also has an open waitlist, but requires a separate application. You can find printable applications here.
Bellrose Station
Bellrose Station (40 units)
7901 SE 92nd Ave.
(503) 771-3808
Bellrose Station has affordable 2 & 3 bedroom apartments. Amenities include personal backyards, on-site laundry, and close access to MAX and bike path.
GreenView Terrace
Greenview Terrace (31 units)
620 SE 148th St.
(503) 254-5826
1 & 2 bedroom apartments with all the benefits of being located close to public transit, on a quiet, private property set back from the main street. Newly remodeled apartments with on-site laundry, and a central community courtyard.
Marla Manor
Marla Manor (25 units)
644 SE 148th St.
(503) 254-5826
Marla Manor features spacious 1 & 2 bedroom apartments in a great location. You will notice immediately at Marla Manor that quality is the difference and at a price you can afford.
Firland Apartments
Firland Apartments (19 units)
8012 SE Raymond
(503) 761-0016
Firland features affordable 1 & 2 bedroom apartments. Located in a community neighborhood setting, amenities include on-site laundry, property’s own community room & close access to public transportation.
Leander Court Apartments
Leander Court Apartments (37 units)
4620 SE 122nd Ave.
(503) 761-0016
Leander Court is designed especially for families, with 2, 3 & 4-bedroom units. Amenities include a community room, two outdoor play areas in a landscaped courtyard, and on-site child care providers.
Jim And Salle's Place
Jim and Salle’s Place (17 units)
7531-7629 SE Steele
(503) 761-0016
Jim and Salle’s Place features affordable 1 & 2 bedroom units. Amenities include onsite laundry, gazebo, barbeque area and off-street parking in a community that is close to shopping and public transportation.
Lents Village
Lents Village (63 units)
10325 SE Holgate Blvd.
(503) 762-0570
Lents Village features spacious 1 & 2 bedroom apartments for residents 55 years or over. Lents Village offers peace of mind with a secure main entry and resident controlled building access.
Beyer Court Apartements
Beyer Court Apartments (14 units)
9305 SE Harold St.
(503) 777-8845
Beyer Court Apartments offers 2 bedroom units in a small complex setting. The community has plenty of green space, is across the street from the Boys & Girls Club, and is close to all that you need.
Country Squire Apartments
Country Squire Apartments (32 units)
6724 SE 72nd Ave.
(503) 774-3893
Country Squire Apartments features 1, 2, & 3 bedroom units. This smaller complex offers secluded locale, onsite laundry, patios & balconies, and a community garden.
Johnson Creek Apartments
Johnson Creek Commons (17 units)
7940 SE 72nd Ave.
(503) 774-3893
Johnson Creek Commons features spacious 1 & 2 bedroom units with a small community setting. Onsite laundry, dishwashers, and large front porches are just the beginning to this great complex.
Reedway Place (24 units)
8940 SE Reedway St.
(503) 777-8845
Reedway Place features affordable 1, 2, & 3 bedroom apartments. This enclosed complex offers spacious floorplans, secure entry, dishwashers, a fenced yard, and is close to public transportation. These scattered sites are a part of the Lents 2000 project.
Marysville (5 units)
7704 SE Raymond St.
(503) 777-8845
These properties feature 2 & 3 bedroom townhomes in a community setting. These small complexes offers spacious floor plans, fenced yards, dishwashers, patios, and are close to public transportation. These scattered sites are a part of the Lents 2000 project.
93rd Ave Commons
93rd Avenue (3 units)
6119 SE 93rd Ave.
(503) 777-8845
These properties feature 2 & 3 bedroom townhomes in a community setting. These small complexes offers spacious floor plans, fenced yards, dishwashers, patios, and are close to public transportation. These scattered sites are a part of the Lents 2000 project.
Woodmere Commons
Woodmere Commons (4 units)
8002 SE Duke St.
(503) 777-8845
These properties feature 2 & 3 bedroom townhomes in a community setting. These small complexes offers spacious floor plans, fenced yards, dishwashers, patios, and are close to public transportation. These scattered sites are a part of the Lents 2000 project.

Woody Guthrie Place (64 units)
5800 SE 91st Avenue
(503) 995-7070
Featuring 1, 2, & 3 bedroom apartments with a courtyard, play area, bike storage. This is a mixed-income property.

Orchards of 82nd (48 units)
8118 SE Division Street
(971) 229-9288
Offering 1,2, & 3 bedroom apartments with a community room, resident lounges, a playground, and indoor bike storage.

We have 3 and 4 bedroom single family home units.  The waitlist is closed as of 12/18/19. For information about our Single Family Homes, please contact 503-771-3808.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have anything available?

Current waitlist status information is on posted on our website. An open waitlist means the property in question is taking new applications for the waitlist. Closed waitlists are not taking new applications.

How do I apply?

Anyone interested in housing at a ROSE property can pick up an application form at any ROSE property management office, from the main ROSE office located at 5215 SE Duke St. Portland OR, 97206, or download it from the ROSE website here.

Do you offer rental assistance?

We do not provide direct rental assistance. 211 may be able to suggest organizations that do. ROSE offers affordable rental housing in the outer Southeast Portland area.

Do you accept Section 8?

Yes! If you already have a Section 8 Housing Choice voucher, you can certainly use it at a ROSE property if one is available. Income source is a protected class in Oregon, so you are welcome to take your Section 8 voucher to any Oregon landlord.

Do you have subsidized housing? Do your rents go by income? Do you offer Section 8?

a) Most of our units are affordable housing units, meaning there are restrictions on how much rent we can charge. However, only some of these units come with a project-based Section 8 voucher that subsidizes your rent based on your income. You can find properties with project-based Section 8 units (including ROSE’s) on Home Forward’s website here.

b) Tenant-based Section 8 Housing Choice vouchers in Portland are distributed by the local housing authority, Home Forward. You can contact them for further information about Section 8 vouchers.

c) Project-based Section 8 vouchers stay with a particular unit of housing, tenant-based vouchers move with the tenant.

How much are your rents?

All of our affordable housing units follow federal affordability guidelines. This means that rents can vary from unit to unit depending on what percentage of Median Family Income the unit is designated for, as well as the unit size.

If you review the document linked above, you can see what the maximum possible rents we can charge for each type of unit. The actual rent may be lower due to factors like utility allowances. Most our units are between 30% and 50%, but some go as high as 100%. The managers may be able to give more specific rents for their properties.

How do you qualify for your housing? Does my income qualify for your housing?

All of our affordable housing units follow federal affordability guidelines. This means each unit is designated for a particular income level (as a percentage of the current area median income). The designated income level is the maximum income allowed for that unit. If you make at or below that percentage, your income qualifies for the unit.

The mix of income levels at each property varies. Most our units are between 30% and 50%, but some go as high as 100%. Please contact the corresponding property manager to confirm the types of units available at their properties.

For our minimum income criteria, we generally require 1.5 times the rent of the unit. Please contact the corresponding property manager to confirm the rules for a specific unit.

There is also a screening process when a unit becomes available, which covers the background checks, rental history, etc.

Do you charge an application fee?

We do not charge an application fee to submit an application and get on a waiting list. However, there is a screening fee of $45 per adult that is charged when the screening process begins for a specific available unit.

I have some negative history on my record (criminal conviction, eviction, bad credit, etc), do I still qualify for your housing?

When a unit becomes available, we will screen applicants using our screening criteria. You are welcome to review the criteria before deciding whether or not to apply. You are encouraged to disclose any negative information that that may be discovered in the screening process.  Negative history that is not revealed on the application form can harm your application if it appears you are attempting to conceal information.  You will have the chance to appeal anything that may come up during the screening process.

I need immediate/temporary housing/I have to move in X days

You are welcome to apply for any of our open waitlists or vacancies. However, as we do not offer emergency housing, this process may not move fast enough for your needs. You can call or search online with 211info for emergency housing options.

Can you notify me when you have an open waitlist?

Unfortunately, we do not have a notification system for waitlist changes.

Can I apply online?

Unfortunately, we do not have an online application system. However, you can find printable application materials on our website here.

Do you accept pets?

All of our properties have a no-pets policy. However, there are exceptions for documented companion/service animals.

Do you have Single Family Homes?

We have a small number of 3 and 4 bedroom single family homes. Learn more here.

I applied for your housing in the past. Am I still on the list? What’s my status?

Our waitlists are all managed by the onsite property managers. Please contact the corresponding property manager to check your application/waitlist status. Old applications are cleared from the waitlist every 6 months if the manager is unable to contact the applicant. Please keep the property manager updated when you change your phone number, or other contact address.

Do you have any properties in Pennsylvania/Michigan/Colorado/New York/outside of Portland?

No, we do not have any properties outside of Portland, OR. There is a national housing owner/developer/management company called Rose that people sometimes confuse us with. You can find more information on their company website and rental property information is listed at:

Where can I find other resources?

a) We recommend calling 211 (dial 211 from your phone) or searching on the 211 website for further resources.

b) Street Roots is a local publication that provides a listings of human services this is available at the Street Roots Office (211 NW Davis St. Portland, OR, 97209) and at human service locations throughout the area.

c) You can also check out our Community Resources page for links to organizations that provide rental housing, homeownership opportunities, healthcare, and more.

What are the minimum/maximum occupancy requirements for units?

While the rules for individual units may vary depending on funding sources and other regulations, typically, the minimum occupancy is 1 person per bedroom and the maximum is 2 people per bedroom plus 1. Please contact the corresponding property manager for specifics on a particular unit.

I have an accessibility concern (need a ground floor unit, wheelchair access, etc)

Please note on your application if you have specific accessibility needs. You are also welcome to inquire with the property manager about the specific amenities of each property.

Do you have any homeownership opportunities?

Unfortunately, we do not currently have any homeownership programs. However, you can find organizations with homeownership opportunities on 211info or on our Community Resources page.

I have a Fair Housing complaint

a) If you have a Fair Housing complaint about ROSE or another organization or landlord, you can contact the Fair Housing Council hotline at (503) 223-8197 Ext. 2 or toll free at (800) 424-3247. You can also contact the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) at (800) 877-0246.

b)For more information about fair housing complaints and housing rights you can also contact:

  1. Legal Aid Services of Oregon: 503-224-4094
  2. Renters Rights Hotline: 503-288-0130
  3. The Fair Housing Council of Oregon: 503-223-8197 Ext. 2
What portion of utilities do I have to pay as a ROSE resident?

Most (but not all) units only require the tenant to pay for electricity (water and garbage are covered by the property). However, be sure to confirm with the corresponding property manager.

How long are your lease terms?

We start with a 1-year lease, which converts to month-to-month afterwards.

Do you have apartments on 52nd and Duke?

No, only our office is on 52nd and Duke, our properties are farther east.

Are you The Rose in Gateway or inner SE?

a) There is an apartment complex in Gateway called “The Rose” that people sometimes confuse us with. Their number is 503-227-ROSE (7673).

b) REACH CDC also has an apartment in inner SE called “The Rose”:

Waitlist Application Packet (Instructions, Application, Screening Criteria) for all properties EXCEPT Orchards of 82nd and Woody Guthrie Place:

Application (PDF)

Orchards of 82nd:

Application (PDF)

Woody Guthrie Place:

Application (PDF)

Rental Properties Flyer:

Flyer (PDF)

To qualify for ROSE rental housing, you must meet federal income guidelines.

To locate other rental units, or for other resources please visit 211info.

Map of ROSE Rental Properties.